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Real Estate

Copeland Thompson Jeep offers a full range of real estate legal services, including commercial and residential properties and developments.  The firm has represented and advised clients in commercial and residential transactions in Missouri and in other parts of the country, including Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Florida, California, Kansas, Iowa, and Nebraska.  The types of transactions the firm has handled for clients include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, gas stations, apartment complexes, motion picture theatres, special-purpose facilities, churches, and undeveloped real estate.  Our attorneys are experienced in the purchase, sale, and financing of leasehold interests as well as fee simple interests, and in complex tax-free exchange transactions.  The firm also represents developers of residential properties and individual homeowners.

Photo taken by Steve Thompson, Saint Barthélemy

Photo taken by Steve Thompson, Saint Barthélemy




    In addition to sale transactions, Copeland Thompson Jeep also handles the full range of actions and proceedings arising from the ownership of real estate, including the following:

    • easements

    • quiet title actions

    • partition suits

    • boundary disputes

    • zoning matters

    • conditional use permits

    • variances

    • code violations

    • non-probate transfers

    • subdivision restrictions and indentures

    • tax appeals

    The attorneys at Copeland Thompson Jeep offer a wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of real estate, and would be pleased to assist you in the unique issues that surround each transaction and ownership situation.