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Healthcare Law

At Copeland Thompson Jeep, our healthcare practice is focused on serving physicians and other healthcare providers.  We have over twenty-eight years of experience helping providers prosper in a highly regulated atmosphere.  

We first hand experience of the cycles that have dominated modern healthcare, including the acquisition of specialty practices by hospital systems, the hospital systems' divestiture or those practices, the growth of larger physician practice groups including the integration of formerly competing practice groups, the development of physician-owned ancillary service facilities such as surgery and imaging centers, the more recent acquisition of primary care practices by hospitals and now the move by hospital systems to own and operate complete multi-specialty medical groups.

We are dedicated to maintaining the independence of the physician and, when that independence is not possible, to obtaining the best possible employment and service arrangements between hospital systems and physicians.

We provide a full range of services to meet our clients' regulatory compliance needs.  When regulatory problems arise, we provide effective defense against proceedings (both civil and criminal) brought by the federal government, state agencies, licensing boards and credentialing challenges brought by hospitals. 

We have taken physician practice groups through every element of challenge and growth including the addition of employee physicians, the addition of partner-level physicians, the nurturing of group founders from the start of their practice through their retirement, including the sale or other transition of their practice to new physicians.  We believe we have been at the forefront of developing models for physician practices to grow through integration with former competitors.  We help physicians maximize their lifetime of work upon the sale of their practice and we help physicians purchasing practices obtain equitable arrangements that form a foundation from which they grow and prosper.  Since the inception of physician's owning and operating facilities such as surgery centers, imaging centers and research facilities, we have created those facilities, sold them, brought in new investors and analyzed facility investment opportunities for individual physicians and groups.  Again, we have provided these services throughout decades of cyclical change in the position of the physician in the healthcare delivery system.  We pride ourselves on having developed strong working relationships with practice managers that enable us to assist them in addressing issues that arise in the day-to-day operation of practices.



Practice Entity formations, mergers, and acquisitions

Practice integrations and other alliances among providers

Employment Agreements

Developing Physician compensation Formulas

Retirement planning

Stock Restriction Agreements (Buy-Sell Agreements)

Corporate Governance

Collaborative Practice Agreements

Anti-kickback, Stark, HIPAA compliance review

Medical Staff Credentialing representation

Ancillary service facility formation

Disputes with other providers

Disputes with payors

Hospital relations and employment arrangements

Research arrangements and agreements

Non-compete disputes

Staff employment issues

Office ownership and leasing arrangements

Equipment ownership and leasing arrangements

Day-to-day medical practice issues